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Fertilizer distributor on special sale
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Fertilizer distributor - Model: SPX/ PEGASUS
Completely manufactured in stainless steel, the model SPX/ PEGASUS assure a long duration and resistance to the wear and tear. It is ideal for the fertilizing of precision, for polyvalent employments and with any type of fertilizer on worked soils, at very reduced costs. It is available in different versions with capacity from 340 to 2500 litres. It can be in fact loaded with whole big sacks, to reduce idle times and the operatorís efforts. Fertilizers are distributed by means of special dozers fitted under the corresponding reservoirs. The regulation of the spillage of fertilizer happens through the locking screw, which the hydraulic jack is provided with. The micrometric regulation screw allows a constant spillage of material along the whole row. Moreover, the hydraulic jack allows to stop the spillage of fertilizer at the end of the row. The distance between the localization pipes can be regulated according to the distance used for the different crops. It is possible to work on any sowing distance, simply adding one or more pipes. It can reach the working speed of 15 km/h.
The models SPX/1400 and SPX/2000 can distribute organic fertilizers, poultry manure and guano.

Standard equipment for SPX/ PEGASUS:
  • EC safety guards;
  • Supporting feet or wheels;
  • Cloth of coverage and platform for the load of the fertilizer;
  • Distributor and bolts in stainless steel;
  • Possibility to use every type of fertilizer;
  • Possibility to work in every rows width;
  • Directional and position lights and window for inspection;
  • Hydraulic and micrometric regulation;
  • Great productivity capacity at high working speeds;
  • SPX/1400 and SPX/2000: possibility to use "poultry manure" fertilizer;
  • Cardan shaft.

    Optional on request:
  • Couple of hydraulic markers;
  • Set to fill up fertilizer;
  • Back combs;
  • Jolly trailer for road transport.

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    <BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS for maize</b></BIG></BIG>
    <BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS</b></BIG></BIG>
    <BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS - set to lay underground</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS - couple of hydraulic markers </b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS</b></BIG></BIG>
    <BIG><BIG><b>Model SPX/PEGASUS</b></BIG></BIG>
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