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Multi-row rototillers on special sale
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Multi-Row rototillers - Model: MEn/ ERMES
The first multi-row rototiller in the world was planned and patented by Franco Badalini in 1960. The actual models are the evolution of those first machines.
This model in particular is suited for work in vegetables, assuring a great reliability. This machine distinguish itself for a great mechanical strongness (it has the hexagonal shaft of 41 mm) and allows to work also in very difficult areas and with very wide working units. In fact it is possible to work in wide crops like tomatoes, strawberries, Christmas trees and any other agricultural product.

Standard equipment for ME/ ERMES:
  • EC safety guards;
  • Frame in cast steel;
  • Chain ASA 80;
  • Square transmission shaft of 30 mm;
  • Clearance under the shaft mm 630;
  • Oscillant protections;
  • High resistant hoes and bolts;
  • Chain box in cast steel with side window for inspection;
  • Couple of wheels with increased width on frame;
  • Cardan shaft with safety bolt.

    Optional on request:
  • Rotating shaft protections;
  • Manual or hydraulic steering unit;
  • Ridging units;
  • Fertilizer distributor with different capacities.
  • Folding frame for road transport.

  • Gallery
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    <BIG><BIG><b>Model ERMES ME/4ST with front hitch</b></BIG></BIG>
    <BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES with front hitch</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES for maize with fertilizer distributor</b></BIG></BIG>
    <BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES with fertilizer distributor</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES at work in Alaska</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model ERMES ME/5ST with front hitch</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES</b></BIG></BIG>
    <BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model ME/ERMES</b></BIG></BIG>
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