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Multi-Row rototillers - Model: MTs/ TITANO
Super multi-row rototiller with oversized blades and bolts.
The model MTs/ is particularly proper for the work on crops with very wide rows. Its technical features make the machine very resistant and allow the job also in very hard conditions. It can work, in fact, also with a depth of 30 cm.
This machine has moreover a clearance under the shaft of 85 cm. This allows the job in very high crops or to enter a second time. It is employed in artichokes plantations and in tenacious soils with rocks and stones. In particular this model distinguishes itself for having: cast steel frame and chain box in cast steel, hexagonal transmission shaft of 50 mm ASA 120 chain.

Standard equipment for MTs/ TITANO:
  • EC safety guards;
  • Frame in cast steel;
  • ASA 120 chain;
  • Hexagonal trasmission shaft of 50 mm;
  • Clearance under the shaft 850 mm;
  • Oscillant protections;
  • Oversized blades and bolts;
  • Chain box in cast steel with side window for inspection;
  • Front tine on each tilling unit;
  • Couple of wheels of increased width on frame;
  • Cardan shaft with safety bolt.

    Optional on request:
  • Rotating shaft protections;
  • Handles for side adjustment;
  • Couple of side frictions;
  • Manual of hydraulic steering unit;
  • Ridging units;
  • Fertilizer distributor with different capacities;
  • Folding frame for road transport.

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    <BIG><BIG><b>Model MTs/TITANO with rollers</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model MTs/TITANO with front hitch</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model MTs/TITANO</b></BIG></BIG>
    <BIG><BIG><b>Model MTs/TITANO at work in Brazil</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model MTs/TITANO at work in Brazil</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model MTs/TITANO</b></BIG></BIG>

<BIG><BIG><b>Model MTs/TITANO</b></BIG></BIG>
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