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Our history.

To be forerunners means to anticipate times. This approach enables us to have a precise vision, a goal to strive for, knowing that to go green is the only possible choice for our agriculture and our future.
This was the year it all began thanks to the inventiveness of Gerolamo Badalini, who was working as a farmer and mechanic at the time.
La storia della nostra azienda parte da qui, grazie all’inventiva di Gerolamo Badalini, il quale riparava e utilizzava macchine agricole.
The turning point came when Franco Badalini, Gerolamo's youngest son, joined the company. Under his guidance, the production of agricultural machinery began: he started as a contractor producing rudimentary, yet long-lasting equipment in a small workshop whose floor was still made of tamped earth. We owe to Franco Badalini the title, which we still boast today, of forerunners of agricultural machinery for organic weeding.
A Franco Badalini si deve il titolo che tutt’ora vantiamo di “precursori” di macchine bio per il diserbo meccanico degli infestanti.
It was during those years that he invented and patented a series of machines which were to change the agricultural sector. The first machines he patented were the subsoiler and the tine cultivator, which would then be produced all over the world.
Year that marked the development of a new type of machine which would change the history of agriculture: the multi-row rototiller, the only mechanical weeding machine at the time. This machine was Franco’s creation: he organized the work, arranged and adjusted the components, adapted the transmission system, and invented the name.
Giorgio Badalini, Franco’s son, took over the business after the death of his father.
In this year, the digitalization of business processes began. Badalini developed a 5-year innovation plan to grant the company a cutting-edge technical office equipped with several models of three-dimensional virtual machines connected to cutting systems.
After the premature loss of Giorgio Badalini, the management of the business was assumed by Francesco Favagrossa and his family.
Today we continue the business as its founders would have done, giving priority to the quality and simplicity of our agricultural machinery, well aware that our products are among the most long-lasting on the market.

Our history, our patents